• Earth

    This is a photo real earth I created for a short film idea. It is a full 3D model with ground, clouds and atmosphere split into multiple layers for added realism....

  • The 03:15

    The 03:15 is a short film about an incident on a late night train. Produced by the University of Hertfordshire The film was created for my 3rd year final project and was...

  • Photography

    A set of some of my favorite photographs I have taken...

  • The 03:15 Environment

    This is a full CG Train track environment I created for my degree film The 03:15. I was responsible for the environment, sparks and the full composite. The project was...

  • ‘Mock Up’ Advert

    ┬áThis is a ‘Mock Up’ Advert I created for a University Project, The city is a Matte Painting and the balloons were created with nParticles and Particle...

  • Frozen Explosion Simulations

    A set of Frozen in time explosion Fluid simulations created for my University Third year film...

About Me

I am a recent graduate from the University of Hertfordshire where I studied a Visual Effects Degree and am looking forward to a career in the industry. In addition to skills I learnt throughout my degree, I have gained some industry experience from completing two live University projects. The first Rotoscoping for Framestore and secondly, a set of advert shots for The Mill, which helped me learn about industry Pipeline and deadlines.

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Contact Me

I would love to hear from you, here are some ways we can get in touch:

Email: tgnorman@hotmail.co.uk


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