• Earth

    This is a photo real earth I created for a short film idea. It is a full 3D model with ground, clouds and atmosphere split into multiple layers for added realism....

  • The 03:15

    The 03:15 is a short film about an incident on a late night train. Produced by the University of Hertfordshire The film was created for my 3rd year final project and was...

  • ‘Mock Up’ Advert

    ┬áThis is a ‘Mock Up’ Advert I created for a University Project, The city is a Matte Painting and the balloons were created with nParticles and Particle...

  • Frozen Explosion Simulations

    A set of Frozen in time explosion Fluid simulations created for my University Third year film...

  • Artemis

    This is my second year university film created with Tim Tang and Adam Tinning. It follows a robotic dragonfly through the forest. I was responsible for the original low...

About Me

Since graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2014 with a BA in Visual Effects, I have started to make my way into the VFX industry. In this time I have been fortunate enough to work at three different studios on multiple projects. Each studio has left me with lots of new skills and experiences from varying studio and team sizes and the range of work I completed. I am eager to continue and progress from the start of my career in VFX and continue to work on fascinating projects. I am proud to have recently had my University group project featured in the Creativepool Annual. I would describe myself as a VFX Generalist with skills in Modelling,
Texturing, Particles, Lighting, Compositing and am always learning new skills/programs to enhance my performance.

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I would love to hear from you, here are some ways we can get in touch:

Email: tgnorman@hotmail.co.uk


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